Where do you go in your dreams?

Hurling you into a state of bewilderment caught between lucidity and absurdity, from horrific nightmares to ethereal episodes of elation; the meaning of these dream manifestations have always captivated me. In contrast to the Freudian interpretation of dreams as the expression of repressed desires, the Jungian view of dreams as "the psyche's attempt to communicate important things to the individual" speaks to me with higher epistemological order.

“Cloud 10” is a transmutation of the notion of 'Cloud 9', which describes a state of seamless euphoria; Cloud 10 is where you float with duality. What may come across as a titillating display of sultry femininity to the unaccustomed, when looked at closely, will reveal itself as a subversive invitation to benign escapism.

My aim was to play with juxtapositions to highlight the spectrum of dreams: the luminescence of the glistening pastel lighting against the rigidity of the monochromatic strobed moments; an ethereal and buoyant melodic sample of "Love to love you" by Donna Summer followed by an abrupt 'drop' of the beat and accompanying visual switch; the dancers combining fluid elements of Vogue Femme with the regimented lines of New Way Arms Control. Altogether I wanted to create an air of seductive mystery.

Where do you go in your dreams, but more importantly, where do your dreams take you?
Do you let them go haphazardly, discarding them as 'forbidden' unessentials, or do you adopt a Jungian perspective and reap the lessons from their undulations?

Creative Direction and Concept by Kelly Kim
Movement by Peggy Yao, Heidi Chen and Kelly Kim
Videography and Editing by Untuck3d Films
Track by Mirasia‍