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Kelly Kim is a freelance copywriter, movement artist and digital product creator. Kind of like crunchy peanut butter. Textured and spread generously, with plenty of glorious solid bits. Seoul-born, Auckland-raised, Sydney-educated, and globally nurtured.

Currently based in Mexico City, I work with clients all over this beautiful earth.

Some facts to get you started: I move around a lot, smile a lot and eat a lot. I also enjoy dad jokes, sarcasm, deep and meaningful conversations, contradictions and sugar.


Writing +

A creative copywriter who writes for the soul, from the soul. Life’s too short to have lifeless brands. I enjoy injecting humour and wit into my writing, but also making an emotional impact. I write campaign copy (charming one-liners, slogans etc.), website copy (landing pages, product descriptions and all that jazz), email marketing campaign copy, and words that cut through saturated social media platforms. If you work with me, you’ll know what ‘talking the talk’ really means.

Kinfill Homecare — Rotterdam, NL



Lord Of The Fries — Auckland, NZ

Freelance - Agency: Attain


Movement Art +

The mind-body connection has always been a non-negotiable. I began my movement journey in 2019, starting with foundations in vogue femme and falling in love with the ballroom community. Currently a member of the International House of Amazon, co-founder of the Kiki House of Silky (Australia), I’ve had the privilege of teach classes and workshops in Bangkok (Thailand), Lisbon (Portugal), Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand). I’m inspired by innate movement, contemporary notions of feminity and poetry. I'm currently learning House dance and training remotely with the Gaga Foundation

Cloud 10 - Video Project — Auckland (New Zealand)


Class/Workshop Footage — Lisbon (Portugal), Sydney (Australia)


Miscellaneous Creations — Brugge (Belgium), Sydney (Australia)


Web/Graphic Design +

Frontend Projects +

Zesty - Photography Slideshow App

Stack: React.js, HTML5, CSS3, JS. Developed on Code Sandbox, Deployed via Netlify.


Milkymood - Static Event Website

Stack: React.js, HTML5, CSS3, Formik. Developed on Code Sandbox, Deployed via Netlify.


Good Times - Landing Page for Mock Design Festival

Stack: HTML5, CSS3 (Grids, Libraries: Tachysons, Basscss), Typographic SVG Animation, JS (Libraries: anime, in-view, tilt), Stripe API Integration + JSON queries, animation


Fado Festival - Mock Landing Page

Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JS